Agile PeopleOps Framework™

It is a dynamic and unified conceptual process methodology that transforms traditional HR processes to Agile PeopleOps practices.
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The Journey Towards Agile PeopleOps Framework

Agile PeopleOps Framework™ is the world's first dynamic and unified conceptual process methodology that transforms traditional HR to Agile People Operations (PeopleOps) practices. This methodology gives the organizational leaders and PeopleOps professionals an edge to be agile in today's volatile and fast-changing business landscape.

Internal seismic shifts due to leadership succession, rigid and standard processes or passive/aggressive organizational culture & climate, and collaboration issues between and within teams are critical internal factors that disrupt the organization.

Similarly, external factors like global digital disruption, rise in new talent models, changes in workforce needs & expectations, shifts in government economic regulations, force majeure, and the like contribute toward business volatility and turbulence.

Change is constant, and so is the VUCA. Leaders and PeopleOps/HR practitioners need to embrace new ways of working to build sustainable and human-centric workplaces.

Building engaging and enriched people experience

About APF™

The world’s first dynamic and unified conceptual methodology that transforms traditional HR processes to APF™ practices.

APF™ Manifesto

Building better ways of developing an engaging and enriched people experience by practicing it and helping others to practice it.


Business Leaders, People Operations, Human Capital Architects and all stakeholders at various levels need to practice APF Values.

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Our expert Certified PeopleOps Coaches could help you upskill in People Operations (HR) and make you future-ready.

News & Initiative

  • 2023

    The Future of Workforce 2023

    Agile PeopleOps, in partnership with Culturelligence, surveyed more than 350 individuals across 11 countries to identify the aspirations of today's workforce which will help leaders to reflect, ideate, and design the future organization. Read Now

  • February 15, 2023 | 4:00 PM WAT

    The Secret Sauce to Sustain a Constructive Hybrid Work Culture

    A hybrid work culture can bring many benefits to an organization, but it requires careful planning and management to be successful. Join us to learn how to build and promote corporate culture and values within the hybrid team.Register now

Agile PeopleOps Framework™ (APF™) Principles


Nurture Talent, Experience, and Engagement

Nexus of Connections between & within the teams

Learning and feedback Culture

Focus on Human effectivity

Growth Mindset & Servant Leadership Behaviours

Recognize, Respect and Reconcile Cultural Differences

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