2023: A Year of Unprecedented Achievements

This year has been nothing short of phenomenal, and it’s all thanks to you – our valued customers, partners and community members. Your unwavering support and active participation have been the driving forces behind our success, propelling us to achieve heights beyond the grasp of the preceding year. 

January – Regional Webinar Launch 

As the new year kicked off, we were excited to launch our webinar series, “Unlearn HR to Learn Agile PeopleOps.” This series, designed especially for our audiences in Germany and Zambia, explored the need for a shift from old-school HR methods to the more dynamic Agile PeopleOps approach. 

Throughout these sessions, attendees got a chance to dive deep into the Agile PeopleOps Framework™, learning about its core principles, manifesto, and values. It was a great opportunity for everyone to gain a clearer, more practical understanding of how this innovative approach can transform the way organizations operate. 

February – Whitepaper Debut, Q1 Learning Labs

Our Inaugural Whitepaper: We’ve just released our very first whitepaper, crafted by the talented Aradhya Srivastava. This comprehensive guide is a must-read for HR teams looking to succeed in their HR Tech Projects. It’s packed with essential steps and practical advice. You can download your copy right now, just click here. First-Quarter Learning Lab Recap: In our recent Learning Lab, we delved into an exciting theme: ‘Holistically Combining Professional and Personal Development.‘ It was an eye-opening session where participants discovered how to balance and enhance both their personal and professional lives. We discussed three key focus areas and learned how progress in one area can positively affect the others. Missed the session? No worries! You can catch up by watching the recording here. 

March – Human-centric Discussions & Whitepapers Release 

Panel Discussion Recap (March 9): We kicked off with our very first panel discussion titled ‘Balancing Business with a Human Touch During Layoffs.’ Our panelists, who are experts in their fields, shared invaluable insights and personal stories about the human side of layoffs. The session was enlightening and engaging, and our audience found it extremely informative. 

Argentina Community Webinar (March 28): Later in March, our webinar ‘En Profundidad: Mentalidad de Crecimiento y Liderazgo de Servicio,’ focused on the important themes of growth mindset and servant leadership. The discussion was enriched with real-life case studies, offering practical insights that you can apply in your own settings. 

New Whitepapers Available: We’re also excited to announce the release of several new whitepapers filled with essential information:

  • A Primer on Using People Analytics 
  • Application of AI in Total Rewards 
  • Managing Digital Transformation in Human Resource 
  • How to Design Hybrid Workplace Experience using HR Technology
  • Promoting and Sustaining Employee Mental Health using HR Technology 


April – Advancing the Coaching Education


On April 17, 2023, we unveiled our BETA coaching initiative – the APF Certified Organizational Coach™ (APF COC™) program. This intensive 126-hour training is designed to meet the Coach Education Requirements of the International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (ICF PCC), setting a new standard in coach development. 

May – Book Launch, Q2 Learning Lab & Intellectual Journey 

Launch of Our First Book: On May 15, 2023, we introduced our very first book titled ‘Product and Delivery Practices for HR Technology and Digital Employee Experience,‘ authored by the knowledgeable Aradhya Srivastava. This book is a treasure trove of information on everything HR tech, from applicant tracking to performance management and learning systems. It’s a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in modern HR solutions! 

Second Quarter Learning Lab Highlights: Our Learning Lab this quarter, themed ‘Building a Recruiting Foundation for Future Success,‘ was a huge hit! Attendees learned valuable skills like identifying their company’s key strengths, creating effective interview questions, and understanding the unique nature of each role. We explored how being agile can significantly boost recruitment success, offering a fresh perspective on hiring. 

Germany Community Webinar Recap: Our webinar, titled ‘Empowering Your People to Thrive: An Agile PeopleOps Framework for a Resilient Organization,‘ was an insightful event. Participants dived into strategies for creating a positive and resilient work environment. The webinar focused on enhancing the employee experience, making it a must-attend for anyone keen on fostering a supportive and agile workplace. 

June – Learning Discoveries 

Inaugural Community Webinar in the UK: We kicked off our first-ever webinar, ‘Unlearn HR to Learn Agile PeopleOps,’ right in the United Kingdom. This set the stage for more insightful regional webinars throughout the year. 

Empowering the Zambia Community: Our Zambia webinar, ‘Unlocking Personal Potential: Navigating Success with a Growth Mindset,’ was a hit. A distinguished speaker shared inspiring personal stories and practical tips, showing us the incredible impact of embracing a growth mindset.

Innovative Learning in Argentina: In Argentina, we explored cutting-edge tools for managing people with our webinar, ‘Herramientas de Vanguardia para la Gestión de Personas: Neurociencias y Gamificación.’ This session dived into how neuroscience and gamification are revolutionizing business practices. 

Updated Certification Courses: Alongside these fantastic webinars, we’ve also updated our courseware for the APF Certified Talent Scrum Master™ (APF CTSM™) and APF Certified PeopleOps Scrum Master™ (APF CPSM™) certification programs. Our dedication to staying ahead in industry research and trends means we’re always bringing you the latest knowledge and skill building opportunities. 

July – Inspirational Milestones 

We inaugurated our first community event, ‘Unlearn HR to Learn Agile PeopleOps,’ in Saudi Arabia, marking the beginning of an enlightening journey. 

Our UK Community webinar, ‘Embracing Agile Methodology in HR,’ delved into the positive impacts of agility on people, emphasized the importance of transparency in agile HR practices, and provided an overview of the key features of an agile organization. 

In conjunction with these insightful events, we proudly rolled out updated courseware for our APF Certified Talent Champion™ (APF CTC™) and APF Certified PeopleOps Specialist™ (APF CPS™) certification programs, ensuring our participants stay at the forefront of industry knowledge. 

Our PeopleOps Pulse 2023 virtual HR conference received approval from the HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®)

August – Innovations Unveiled 

The recent UK Community webinar, titled ‘Design Thinking in HR,’ was a deep dive into leveraging design thinking to creatively and efficiently address challenges within the HR function and broader business. 

In tandem with this insightful webinar, we proudly introduced updated courseware for the APF Certified PeopleOps Coach™ (APF CPC™) certification program. This enhancement aims to empower PeopleOps Coaches to fully embrace the Agile PeopleOps Framework™ philosophy, enabling effective training and coaching of people operations teams. 

Excitingly, our PeopleOps Pulse 2023 conference received accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

We launched new digital certificates and badges to further elevate our certified members’ experience. These credentials can be downloaded and shared across various platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. 

September – Advancing Excellence 

AI & the Future of Work Panel Discussion: We organized our second panel discussion, titled ‘AI & the Future of Work: Positive Impact and Overcoming Adoption Challenges.’ This engaging session explored the benefits and challenges of AI in the workplace, offering insights and strategies for effectively integrating AI technologies. 

New Monthly Communities of Practices: We launched two monthly Communities of Practices Coaching Communities of Practices (CCoPs) on the second Wednesday, and Team Coaching Communities of Practices (TCCoPs) on the fourth Wednesday of each month. The CCoPs focus on continuous learning and innovation, while the TCCoPs provide a collaborative space for team leaders and coaches to exchange ideas and experiences. 

Webinar Highlights

India Community: Our webinar, ‘Real-world Examples of Agile PeopleOps in Action,’ offered an in-depth look at how Agile PeopleOps is transforming traditional HR practices. 

Germany Community: The ‘Lifelong Learning for Personal and Professional Development’ webinar emphasized the importance of continuous learning for both personal and career growth. 

Impactful Case Studies Published: We released a series of case studies showcasing the effectiveness of our Agile PeopleOps Framework™. These include ‘Reviving Leadership and Culture at a Leading Publishing Company,’ ‘Enhancing Employee Onboarding Efficiency,’ and ‘Revitalizing Employee Engagement.’ You can download and read these insightful studies here

October – PeopleOps Pulse 2023: Our First Global Virtual HR Conference 

We’re excited to share one of our biggest highlights from 2023! 

Theme: We chose ‘Agility. Coaching. Experience.’ as our theme, focusing on 

the most current and impactful trends in the HR world. 

Global Reach: Over 800 HR professionals from 65 countries registered, 

making it a truly international event. 

Expert Speakers: We were joined by 8 renowned international 

speakers, each sharing their unique insights and experiences. 

Sponsor Support: The conference was made possible with the support of 6 amazing sponsors.

Accredited Learning: We’re proud to say that the conference was accredited by both the HRCI and ICF. Participants also earned valuable continuing education credits. 

This was more than just a conference; it was a global gathering of HR professionals and enthusiasts, all learning and growing together. Thank you for being a part of this journey! 

If you missed the live sessions, don’t worry! You can catch up on all the insightful talks by watching the recordings. 

In our recent UK Community webinar, ‘Introducing OKRs and Making Them Work,’ we delved into the world of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and discovered how to harness their power for the benefit of your organization effectively. 

November – Inaugural LATAM Spanish Conference: A Grand Success 

In partnership with Parmonia Consultores, we hosted our first-ever LATAM Spanish Conference. It was a groundbreaking event that brought together 326 attendees from 24 different countries. 

Inspiring Talks and Insightful Themes 

We had the privilege of welcoming ten renowned speakers who shared their insights on crucial topics. The conference revolved around empowering themes: Embracing Change and Transforming Our Approach 

Celebrating Diversity in All Its Forms 

Moving From Mere Speed to True Agility 

Navigating From Uncertainty to Complex Solutions 

Building a Stronger Community 

This event wasn’t just a conference; it was a catalyst for growth and collaboration within our Agile PeopleOps community. It also significantly raised our visibility on a global scale, strengthening our network and impact. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Here’s to many more such milestones

If you missed any part of the conference, you can catch up on all the enlightening sessions by watching the recordings. 

In our recent fourth quarter Learning Lab, we explored ‘How AI-Generated Video is Impacting the Training World.’ The session focused on Lean Video Methodology, providing an iterative approach to building and testing impactful training videos. Attendees gained valuable knowledge and tools to leverage AI generated video, enhancing the effectiveness and engagement of their training programs. 

Key Highlights 

Embarking on a dynamic journey, we’ve orchestrated

2 Conferences – Global and Contiental 

2 Half yearly panel discussions 

3 Learning Lab sessions 

17 community events in USA, UK, India, Germany, Zambia etc 

3 Coaching Communities of Practices events (every 2nd Wednesday’s of Month) 2 Team Coaching Communities of Practices events (every 4th Wednesday’s of Month) 

The adventure unfolds!

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