A top trend that will shape Talent Acquisition in 2018 is “new interviewing techniques”. Traditional interviewing will need to take a backseat soon (LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends Report, 2018).

A -to shift mindset is imperative for Talent Acquisition and Human Capital leaders – to move away from the beliefs, practices and processes of traditional interviewing new interviewing techniques like experiential interviewing, job auditions, team/panel interviews, etc. Leaders need to catch the hiring managers and panel about the scope and success of new interviewing techniques.

“How Experiential Interviewing can help you hire Better Talent” (Hirsch, 2018) – https://bit.ly/2wO8Med – explicates the benefits of experiential interviewing. Hiring managers get an opportunity to observe the applicant’s capabilities, skills and potential on a real-time and applicants get the opportunity to show their capabilities, potential and a chance to interact with their future team members. Hiring managers, adopting the technique, get the opportunity to select the right quality talent for their open requisitions, hence contributing toward retention rate. Experiential interviewing helps improve candidates’ experience, thereby boosting the employer’s brand.

Let us reflect on this and discuss how we can strategize, plan and implement new interview techniques in line with organizational practices.

Feel free to share your ideas on how we can embark on this -to shift journey.