The six guiding principles that HR professionals and leaders need to practice while implementing Agile PeopleOps Framework is outlined below.
Nurture Talent Experience and Engagement

Talent Champions and HRs need to ‘Treat their Talent the way they want to be treated by a TA team’ and strive to create an effective and sustainable engagement experience

Learning and Feedback Culture

A continuous ongoing feedback sets the wheels of motion for creating talent and employee experience, incremental improvements, and a continuous learning cycle

Nexus of Connections between and within Teams

All stakeholders need to ‘connect-collaborate-cocreate’ on a regular basis, and work together as a ‘team of teams’ throughout the human capital process and engagement​

Focus on Human Effectivity

Organizations and leaders need to focus primarily on effectivity – the capability of producing a desired outcome and doing the right things​.

Growth Mindset and Servant Leadership Behaviors

Growth mindset harnesses learning culture and servant leaders are egalitarians who put the needs of their members first

Recognize, Respect and Reconcile Cultural Differences

Leaders and organizational members need to successfully adapt to different socio-cultural settings, and develop ‘new boxes of solutions’