Agile PeopleOps Research-APF™

Agile PeopleOps Research team is conducting a Global Research “Learnings from COVID-19″ for the HR community.

How Leaders, Managers and Coaches from HR & PeopleOps function who were at the forefront responded to the pandemic, and how they are shaping the organizations and the future of work.

The purpose of this research is to collect and generate insights on:

  • Common challenges
  • Organizations’ response to the pandemic, and
  • How organizations are planning for a post-pandemic world to create the new normal

APF™ Research team sets aside 30-40 minutes with you to have a reflective conversation (you can opt to keep it anonymous) and map your personal experiences with collective themes to create a comprehensive report.

To participate and receive detailed trends report, click here One of our Agile PeopleOps Research team members will coordinate with you for further steps.

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