In today’s VUCA world, when companies are grappling with the challenges of bridging the gap between the demand and supply of a diverse and hybrid labor workforce economy, the article “Why Companies Should Stay Connected with Ex-Employees” by Geri Tucker, comes as a ray of hope to all of us including business leaders, Human Capital (HC) professionals and all stakeholders involved in talent acquisition.

Alumni outreach program can definitely be one more channel to source talent. Leaders and HC professionals need to chalk out a program on how to establish positive and long-lasting relationships with the alumni. The article gives wonderful tips and examples of how few major companies have established successful Alumni programs and relations.

Let’s contemplate on how we can strategize, plan and implement Alumni programs to suit our own organization/business (applies even for Staffing and Recruitment Firms) needs and workplace culture.

Feel free to share your ideas on how to embark on a successful Alumni Outreach..