Agile PeopleOps Framework (APF)™ is world’s first PeopleOps Framework addressing today’s business challenges posed to Human Capital function (traditionally referred as HR).

APF Certified PeopleOps Scrum Master

Agile PeopleOps Framework Certified PeopleOps Scrum Master™ program prepares HR / PeopleOps professionals to learn about Agile PeopleOps Framework (APF)™, apply & practice Agile/Kanban ceremonies, help develop team mindset & behaviors to embrace Agility and increase Organizational Agility for PeopleOps (HR) function. The program is experiential in nature as it’s a blend of theoretical concepts, and evidence-based practical insightful & interactive sprint sessions (activities, discussions, videos, case examples and work on real-world assignments).

APF Certified PeopleOps Scrum Master

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to embrace a from-to shift mindset (from VUCA to VUCA Prime)
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of Agile Methodology, Scrum, Lean, and Kanban
  • Understand Agile HR methodology – Agile PeopleOps Framework (APF™), and its manifesto, values & underlying principles
  • Explore APF™ personas and their roles & responsibilities
  • Gain deep-dive insights into the diverse stances/roles of PeopleOps Scrum Master
  • Learn to facilitate APF™ ceremonies and create PeopleOps workflow/visual boards to understand the ‘big picture’
  • Understand different kinds of conversations around Agile metrics that the PeopleOps Scrum Master needs to have with the team

Who Should Attend:

This program is ideal for professionals working in Human Resources / PeopleOps function who are interested to learn, practice and steer Agile HR process, including:

  • HR Business Partners
  • HR Change Champions
  • Human Capital – Directors/Managers
  • HR Managers, Leads
  • HR Consultants
  • Transformation Consultants & Coaches
  • Agile Coaches

What You will Learn:

  • Apply APF™ methodology and the practices to your HR/PeopleOps projects
  • Be a Facilitator, Coach & Mentor, Servant Leader and Change Agent for your HR/PeopleOps teams and employees
  • Prioritize and manage your work to foster effectivity
  • Gain practical insights to apply design thinking and lean techniques to build and enrich your stakeholders’ experience
  • Serve as an Agile PeopleOps business partner and architect your organizational transformation roadmap
  • Orchestrate with your leaders and people to redefine and redesign HR processes and services
  • Practice the art of Connect-Collaborate-Cocreate to build APF™ communities of practices(CoPs)
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations with your team and organizational members to build human-centric experience

Participants who attend the Course and pass exam, will receive:

  • APF Certified PeopleOps Scrum Master™ (APF CPSM™) Certificate
  • APF Certified PeopleOps Scrum Master™ (APF CPSM™) Digital Badge
  • One (1) year Annual membership
  • Access to APF™ Community (opportunity to learn, share and grow with APF Certified PeopleOps Coaches and Fellow Members)
  • Invitation to Quarterly Coaching Calls (randomly selected)
APF Certified PeopleOps Scrum Master