APF Certified Talent Champion

Agile PeopleOps Framework™ is the world’s first PeopleOps Framework addressing today’s business challenges posed to Human Capital function (traditionally referred as HR). Agile PeopleOps Framework Certified Talent Champion™ (APF CTC™) program prepares the participants to perform APF™ Talent Acquisition certification, thus increasing their capabilities to harness hiring agility, nurture positive relationships with candidates and internal stakeholders, and increase their value to talent acquisition certification function, teams and organizations. The program is experiential in nature as it’s a blend of theoretical concepts, and evidence-based practical insightful & interactive sprint sessions (activities, discussions, videos, case examples and work on real-world assignments).




2 Days (5 hrs/day)


Live instructor-led, with executive coach
APF Certified Talent ChampionLearning Objectives:
APF Certified Talent Champion Learning Objectives:
⭐Understand why Agile is important for Talent Acquisition certification function
⭐Gain insights to Agile PeopleOps Framework™ (APF™), its Manifesto, Values and Principles
⭐Understand Agile PeopleOps Framework™ Talent Acquisition specialist certification methodology
⭐Explore APF™ Talent Acquisition specialist certification Personas and their roles & responsibilities
⭐Create recruitment workflow boards and participate in APF™ ceremonies
Simulation Exercises are weaved into the Course to provide experiential learning

Few Companies Where APF™ Certified Professionals Work

In-house training with APF Certified Coaches

Our expert Certified PeopleOps Coaches could help you upskill in People Operations (HR) and make you future-ready.

What You will Learn

Build and enrich your candidates experience

Orchestrate with your Talent Scrum Masters to foster hiring agility

Prioritize and manage your requisitions to foster effectivity

Implement APF™ methodology and its practices to your Talent Acquisition certification projects

Who Should Attend:

This program is ideal for professionals working in Talent acquisition certification or Recruitment function interested to learn, practice and steer Agile recruitment process, including:
  • Recruiters
  • Recruitment
  • Specialists
  • Talent Acquisition Specialists
  • HR Specialists
  • Entry-level professionals

Participants who attend the Course and pass exam, will receive:

⚡APF Certified Talent Champion™ (APF CTC™) Certificate

⚡APF Certified Talent Champion™ (APF CTC™) Digital Badge

⚡Access to APF™ Community (opportunity to learn, share and grow with APF Certified PeopleOps Coaches and Fellow Members)

⚡Invitation to Monthly Agile Recruiters Community

⚡Invitation to Quarterly Coaching Calls (randomly selected)

⚡One (1) year Annual membership (To be renewed every year at $75)

⚡Continuous Learning Units (CLUs) (more details) are encouraged to earn and can be utilized towards your renewal fee

Few Companies Where APF™ Certified Professionals Work

What People Are Saying About Us

The APF Certified Talent Champion program helped me to put all the concepts together as one big piece of knowledge that is applicable to any PeopleOps team. I enjoyed every part of the training. The facilitator was very dedicated and patient, flexible and open to repeat or elaborate more when needed.

Carlos Patino

Columbia, Talent and Culture Champion
I attended the Certified Talent Champion program, and it was inspiring and fruitful. The concepts were well explained with real-time work examples, and this helped me to grasp the essence of the concepts. The program helped me to widen my horizon and inspired me to achieve more in the talent acquisition function at work.

Manar Alsayed

Saudi Arabia I Recruiter
It was a great pleasure and privilege to receive the APF Training. It has equipped me with the current new age Agile PeopleOps processes and knowledge which is crucial in ensuring a company gets a competitive edge and will be of use in my future business endeavours. It honed me professionally and personally.

Julieta Tabane

South Africa I PeopleOps Specialist