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ApF- journey

Once upon a time, in a world where innovation and collaboration thrived, a remarkable journey began.

In a bustling city, there was a team of brilliant minds, each possessing unique skills and perspectives. HR Leaders, Organizational Psychologists, Agile Coaches, Culture Consultants, Change Management, and Organizational Development professionals all came together, drawn by a shared vision of transforming the workplace.

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APF History 2018

2018-APG PeopleOps Jounery

APF History 2019

2019-APG PeopleOps Jounery

APF History 2020

2020-APG PeopleOps Jounery

APF History 2021

2021-APG PeopleOps Jounery

APF History 2022

2022-APG PeopleOps Jounery

APF History 2023

2023-APG PeopleOps Jounery
man smiling in office after diversity and inclusion coaching
man in individual diversity and inclusion coaching session

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