Building better ways of developing an engaging and enriched people experience by practicing it Agile hr Manifesto and helping others to practice it.

Team of Teams over Traditional Hierarchies
Growth Mindset over Fixed Mindset
Coaching Culture over Command-and-Control
Transcultural Competence over Cultural Competence

APF Manifesto

As Agility expands beyond software development and as it begins to inform how entire organizations should function, we’re finding that teams need something more people-oriented than the original Manifesto.

Agile HR attempts to break through the APF manifesto barriers, and deliberately (and sometimes) calls for change. It seeks to identify people with their potential, rather than “always in their lane".

It embraces challenges and efforts to improve mastery. It demands that we are more transparent, and we coach one another through feedback and opportunity. 

The Agile HR Manifesto a.k.a APF Manifesto takes a global look at the world today, recognizing that the most successful teams may be distributed, but still incredibly effective.