Team Canvas-APF™

Team Canvas-APF™

A small group of APF™ practitioners are working on an initiative to develop APF™ Team Canvas which is currently in Stage 2. This initiative was envisaged by the APF™ core team and was put on the roadmap during the month of March 2020 and has been initiated in July 2020 by Sarandha Kumar, APF Certified Talent Scrum Master™, associated with Mercer, India.

The whole initiative is divided into four phases as shown below. We are currently in Phase 2A.

Phase 1: Ideation
Phase 2A: Building Components & Structure for the Canvas
Phase 2B: Build the Prototype
Phase 3: Seek inputs from few professionals to build a robust Team Canvas
Phase 4: Finalize the end-product

A notification will be sent to all the APF™ practitioners community, calling a small group to review and provide early feedback.

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