checking Daily huddle


Team Members sync up to share progress updates
and blockers (if any) in Daily Huddle


Team members who will attend the Daily Huddle

Daily Huddle

(PeopleOps/Talent) Scrum Master

aka HR/Talent Acquisition Managers

Daily Huddle

Human Capital

aka Client Manager/HR Business Partner

Daily Huddle

PeopleOps Specialists/ Talent Champions

aka cross-functional HR/Talent Acquisition team


  • 1. Start at the same time and same place (if conducting in-person)
  • 2. Ensure everyone is available right on time
  • 3. Open and share the Scrumban board on the screen (if in-person, everyone meets at physical scrumban board)
15 Minutes
Daily or frequency agreed by team

Materials Required in Daily Huddle

Physical Scrumban Board

Daily Huddle

Digital Scrumban Board

Daily Huddle
Daily Huddle

Daily Huddle Format

All Team members answer 3 questions

  • What did I do yesterday to help the Team meet the Sprint goal?
  • What will I do today to help the Team meet the Sprint goal?​
  • Do I see any blockers that prevents me from meeting the Sprint goal?​