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Learning Lab

Storytelling: How to build a Learning and Development Culture

   November 10, 2022

Join our Speakers from Capella University – Kyle Nelson, Kyle Bernier, and Paul Tonden – to learn the why-what-how of building a Learning & Development culture. They will deep-dive into how they collaborated and co-created their first Professional Development week.

Storytelling: Navigating the World of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

   August 25, 2022

Norah Orina shared her real-time experiences related to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. Her storytelling weaved around how it felt working in Kenya and the USA, followed by her experience working with a big, diverse and small (not-so-diverse) company, her efforts as a DEI Committee Leader, and her hope for the future as related to the DEI space.

Awkward to Awesome: How to Boost Diversity and Engagement with Cultural Intelligence.

   May 26, 2022

Diverse teams with moderate to high levels of cultural intelligence (CI) outperform homogenous groups on several outcomes—productivity, cost-savings, innovation, safety, and the list keeps going. In this learning lab, Dr. Amy Narishkin provides valuable insights into Cultural Intelligence, including the tools you can use to increase colleague & client engagement.

YOUR Vision of Health: Simple Planning for Meaningful Results

Feb 24, 2022

Join Amber Peterson from Peterson & Perme Associates, LLC as she guides you through using a simple rubric to create a vision for your health, ground yourself in YOUR current health reality, and use a quick rapid planning method to plan for your top health goal. You’ll walk away with your own personal plan, and tools to use with others in your life. Come ready to move, reflect, and plan!
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