PeopleOps Pulse 2023

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PeopleOps Pulse 2023 is an exciting opportunity for Human Resources (HR) and People Operations professionals to learn and understand the ever-evolving landscape of HR/People Operations and the latest trends in the industry. This virtual global conference will provide a platform for the attendees to future skill their capabilities and pave a pathway to help organizations ACE their game and foster business agility, adopt coaching as a practice, and elevate the people’s experience.

Why Attend?

The business landscape is a volatile one, as we all know. The more prepared we are, our chances of surviving unforeseen circumstances improve. The COVID pandemic is an example of these unforeseen circumstances. It changed the whole dynamic of how we conduct our work. The workforce went from on-site to remote to adapt to the covid situation and be safe. As HR/People Operations professionals, we went from cautioning an employee’s clothing on-site to communicating with our workforce over our devices. So, what did adaptation look like for us?

While adapting to change can never be dubbed an easy process, how “easy” or “hard” it is, is relative to how prepared you are. The transition that happened as a result of COVID-19 was likely a more straightforward process for agile organizations. During COVID, how did this adaptation look for your organization? Also, are you prepared for the next unforeseen change?

The ever-changing business landscape demands organizations be nimble and quick in adapting to new trends and challenges. Hence, organizations must intentionally recalibrate and embrace new ways of thinking and working, especially as it pertains to agility, coaching, and experience (ACE) – a unique theme of the global virtual conference, the PeopleOps Pulse – that is a driver and enabler of innovation and sustainability across organizations.

Conference Theme

Why Agility, Coaching, and Experience? These are some of the most important and core practices of Agile PeopleOps. Incorporating these principles into your work and business is one of the necessary steps to being prepared for unforeseen changes.

Conference Theme


Organizations must embrace and practice agility to stay sustainable in today’s disruptive world. During the conference, you’ll learn why agility is behavioral, what are the key traits of agile personality, agile innovator, agile knowledge, and the role of leaders in leading a transformation journey. You will gain insights into the best practices for leading and managing change and what HR and People Operations functions must do to leverage organizational agility.


Coaching is a game-changer as it can help individuals and teams reach their full potential, drive success, and create a culture of continuous improvement. As a result, coaching should be an integral part of any organization’s strategy for success. The conference will bring together renowned coaches who will share their expertise on coaching teams for better performance and to create a coaching culture within your organization.


Experience is a third key theme of the conference, and creating a positive experience at the workplace is all about elevating the human experience. A happy and engaged workforce is essential to the success of any organization. Renowned coaches, organizational change experts, and practitioners will share their pearls of wisdom on holistic well-being and its importance in enhancing employee productivity and life satisfaction, the essence of cultural intelligence in creating a diverse and thriving organization, and how to create a living conscious culture in organizations.

The Value

Attendees at the PeopleOps Pulse 2023 conference will learn

  • How to foster business agility through innovative strategies and practices?
  • How can organizations adopt coaching to improve performance and drive employee engagement?
  • How can organizations elevate people’s experience?

Attendees will also be able to network with like- and diverse-minded professionals worldwide, strike up constructive conversations prior to and during the conference by visiting the Discussions page on the website, and learn from one another.

Register for the Conference

As a reminder, our conference is tagged PeopleOps Pulse 2023, and the theme is ACE (Agility, Coaching, and Experience). It is happening on October 10–12, 2023

You do not want to miss these sessions. Register for the conference and get your tickets via our PeopleOps Pulse 2023 website. 

After you register, you will be directed to a page as shown below. Ensure you click Add to Calendar.

After you register, you will receive a registration confirmation email to your email id. Feel free to click the button Sign In and follow the platform prompts/messages. It’s important to note that by signing in, you will be able to join the conference. 

Don’t miss this opportunity. Connect. Learn. Grow

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