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Retrospective In Agile


Team Member reflect on the Sprint completed and use their
learning toward continuous team improvement Retrospective agile


Team members who will reflect, inspect and adapt


PeopleOps/Talent Scrum Master

aka HR/Talent Acquisition Managers


PeopleOps Specialists/ Talent Champions

aka cross-functional HR/Talent Acquisition


Human Capital Curator(Optional)

aka Client Manager/HR Business Partner


1. Start at the same time and same place (if conducting in-person)

2. Ensure everyone is available right on time

3. Create a retrospective in agile board , share with the team so that everyone adds items to the board


15 Minutes


Daily or frequency agreed by team

Materials Required in Daily Huddle

Physical Retrospective in agile Board


Online Retrospective in agile Board


Step 1

PeopleOps/Talent Scrum Master greets everyone and announces to begin the Retrospective agile

Step 2

PeopleOps/Talent Scrum Master board acknowledges all the great work done by the Team, and calls out individual accomplishments

Step 3

PeopleOps/Talent Scrum Master servers as “The Facilitator” and allocates 10-15mins for Team members to add retrospective items on board. Refer to the Example format and the facilitation process.

Example Format

What went well, What can be Improved and Action items

All Team members need to add cards in 2 columns


Facilitation Process

Facilitator then brings out one item for discussion and encourages Team member to talk/brainstorm/converse transparently

Repeat the above process till all the cards are exhausted from both columns

If any action items arise, the Scrum Master makes a note in “Action Items” column with the owner assigned and next steps are identified

If time runs out before all cards are discussed, then remaining cards are moved to next retrospective in agile hr session


Step 4

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