Riya Kulshrestha

PeopleOps Scrum Master (aka HR Manager) | India

I am Riya Kulshrestha, and I would like to share my journey from being an HR Manager to APF PeopleOps Scrum Master™ from where every hour of my life has got new vision and plan. 

It started with my sisteradvice to join scrum master course, and then I met Lakshmi. Be it her accent, be it her warmth, I had an amazing connect with her from day 1. Since then, its me and Lakshmi for 5 weekend sessions and mesmerizing conversations about design thinking, empathy mapping, Scrumban ceremonies, roles of Scrum Master. 

Induction to VUCA Prime had set the pace for real time examples and related information. Videos and recommended readings have casted a broader vision for me. The sessions were not just about learning the concept but also having spontaneous real-time applications. We have extended the timelines when indepth discussion was happening. Lakshmi haensured her availability throughout the sessions and beyond. 

I would highly recommend the Agile PeopleOps Framework Certified PeopleOps Scrum Master™ course to all the HR managers out there for whom thin line between personal and professional space has smudge. For HR managers on purpose who want to architect the experience of an employee, from being a FAANG inspired policy creator struggling for its significance in their workplace. 

Future holds delight for Agile PeopleOpsand few companies have already started recruiting only PeopleOps talent.  Choice is yoursJ!