Tenets of Agile suggest the use of self-organizing teams

Tenets of Agile PeopleOps Framework™ (APF™), a unified and dynamic methodology developed by Agile PeopleOps, takes People Operations (traditionally referred as Human Resources / HR) to the next level – transforming traditional HR to Agile PeopleOps practices, thus giving an agile plus human experience edge in today’s disruptive business world.

To achieve stability and competitive edge during these unprecedented times, organizations need to adopt a paradigm of vision, uncertainty of vision, uncertainty of understanding, complexity for complexity and agility.

This is plausible when the C-suite, leadership team and people operations (HR) practitioners cultivate agile and human-centered ways of thinking and working by adopting the four essential tenets of Agile PeopleOps Framework™ (APF™) – 

  • Growth mindset (the zeal to continuously learn & improve to achieve mastery)
  • Human-centric approach (thinking from the lens of candidates & employees, and fusing both empathy & rationality)
  • Transcultural competence (the ability to address cultural differences and dilemmas by moving away from ethnocentrism and believing in the genius of ‘and’)
  • Human effectivity indicators (measures to assess the effectiveness of individuals/teams performance)

APF™ methodology is a critical enabler for the C-suite, leaders and practitioners to take a stepwise approach to build agile organizations and drive agility in people operations and business.