One Metric that Matters – Part II

Measuring the Progress of Transformation If you’ve ever seen any of the Transformers films, you know quite well that one of the bots transforms, it happens in one smooth (if not lengthy) action. Pieces and features melt away to

One Metric that Matters – Part 1

What Really Counts?(Editors note: This is a two-part post. Part 1, below, introduces the One Metric That Matters approach to metric measurement. For more on this and taking a lean approach to analytics, we recommend you read Lean Analytics,
Agile Manifesto and Agile PeopleOps Manifesto

Introducing the Agile PeopleOps Framework: A Better Answer to Agile in HR

If you’re reading this, there is a high likelihood that you are familiar with Agile methodologies in software development. You know about Scrum, Kanban, SAFe. You’re familiar with why these methods work, and the value they deliver not only

A shift from Traditional Interviewing to Experiential Interviewing

A top trend that will shape Talent Acquisition in 2018 is “new interviewing techniques”. Traditional interviewing will need to take a backseat soon (LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends Report, 2018). A from-to shift mindset is imperative for Talent Acquisition and
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