Agile Talent Acquisition Board (Template on Trello)

The Agile Talent Acquisition Scrumban board template (published on June 24th 2020 on Trello) outlines the Talent Acquisition workflow that recruiters/talent acquisition specialists and HR professionals can use in their respective organizations. The core intent of the board is to
Talent Acquisition Agility

Talent Acquisition – Are You Agile Ready?

The war for talent continues. Companies are still grappling to gain a foothold in hiring right talent within a short cycle time, amidst internal and external organizational turbulence. Why? What are those factors causing the hindrance? Traditional hiring process

Ghosting’ Behavior in Business World: A Food for Thought

In today’s tumultuous business landscape, ‘ghosting’ behavior has spread like a wildfire, and every person (internal or external to an organization) has elicited, witnessed or experienced this behavior. What is ‘ghosting’ behavior? Let’s say an interview has been scheduled

The need to maximize the capacity and capabilities of recruiters

Talent Acquisition leaders need to strive toward increasing the capacity and capabilities of their recruiters especially in today’s war for talent era. The article “Talent-acquisition Departments: Stop Doing Stuff That Doesn’t Matter” explicates how too many meetings with other
Early Decisions made by Talent on Job Acceptance

Research | Early decisions made by talent on job acceptance

Robust research conducted by Robert Half and well explicated by highlight astonishing data about early decisions made by talent (aka candidates) on job acceptance Only 9% of talent wait until they have completed their interviews, to make a
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